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Taka Hayashi OG Classic Sk8-Hi LX 'BROOKS' Taka Hayashi OG Classic Sk8-Hi LX 'BROOKS' Taka Hayashi OG Classic Sk8-Hi LX 'BROOKS' Taka Hayashi OG Classic Sk8-Hi LX 'BROOKS'
Vans Vault

Taka Hayashi OG Classic Sk8-Hi LX 'BROOKS'

Sale price $150.00 Regular price $89.00

Vans’ premium label, Vault by Vans, and prestigious bicycle saddle company, Brooks England LTD, reunite to release a limited edition collection of Vans footwear and Brooks accessories built for riding. In a year where both brands celebrate significant milestones – Vans’ 50th and Brooks’ 150th anniversary – the two well-respected entities come together for their second collaboration blending classic design with quality craftsmanship to create the utmost sophistication in footwear and bicycle accessories.

The Vault by Vans & Brooks partnership presents laser-etched artwork from designer Taka Hayashi across the TH OG Sk8-Hi LX and TH OG Classic Slip-On LX. Hayashi’s imagery and intricate detailing extends from footwear into a deluxe set of Brooks accessories consisting of the Barbican Shoulder Bag and Swift Brooks Saddle.
Since 1866, Brooks England has been constructing leather goods in Smethwick, England. Celebrating their 150th anniversary alongside Vans’ 50 years brings forth the best in design and quality from two industry leaders, while honoring their respective styles and histories.