Fusion 2.0 (Black/Aegen Blue)
Fusion 2.0 (Black/Aegen Blue) Fusion 2.0 (Black/Aegen Blue) Fusion 2.0 (Black/Aegen Blue)
Take an autumn stroll through the Nordics and you are certain to notice vibrantly colored wool sweaters with attractive patterns on many of the locals. These countries have mastered the craftsmanship of the time-honoured wool garments. In Finland there are still a handful of manufacturers who create these traditional nature inspired, graphic wool sweaters. Karhu draws on this compelling attire as inspiration for the latest release: the “Villapaita” Pack.

The Fusion 2.0 is the first style of the pack to capture the Villapaita theme through the use of subtle hits of purple on the upper and outsole. The hidden “M-logo” ghillie lacing structure gives the silhouette an outdoorsy feel while the overlays create an athletic appearance.